About Laura Neuman's Story

Who is Laura Neuman?

“If victims become their own advocates, they can affect their own outcome."                            
                   Laura Neuman


Laura Neuman was the victim of rape when she was 18 years old. Nineteen years later, Laura's extensive advocacy efforts finally led to the resolution of her case. With the help of dedicated detectives and the Maryland fingerprint database, the perpetrator was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

As a result of Laura going public with her case, the perpetrator has now been indicted in 8 additional cases and is potentially linked to dozens more.

Laura Neuman created this effort to help other women get their cases reopened, actively investigated, and successfully resolved through the criminal justice system. Laura also believes that victims speaking out about this crime is what will lead to a change in the incidence of rape.

Why did Laura start this effort?

While Laura was working to get her case re-opened, she made a vow that if her case was finally solved she would find ways to help other women also re-open and resolve their cases. In October 2002, when the perpetrator was convicted and sentenced, despite her temptation to go back to living her life quietly, Laura began talking openly about her case, including doing an interview with the Baltimore Sun (click to download the article).

This article led to numerous conversations with other rape victims and a growing awareness that it was indeed critical that she act as a spokesperson and activist -- bringing the community together to identify, qualify and expedite rape cases, many of which had been unsolved for years. 

Baltimore Sun Article