"...rape should not be a label of shame."

       -Laura Neuman

The Laura Neuman Foundation was launched in 2003 to raise funds to test rape kits. There are hundreds of thousands of rape kits sitting on shelves across this country. 20/20 did a news program on rape kits and randonly tested 50 kits, 10 came back with a positive hit on a convicted criminal. The original intention was to raise funds to get more rape kits tested and to solve as many rape cases as possible. Unfortunately, we were informed that privately raised funds could not be directed to a public process in the judicial system.
There was concern about how kits would be selected to be tested.

Since the intention was not to raise funds and build a non-profit organization, but insead to help rape victims, I redirected my efforts. There are many worthwhile revenue-based sexual assault organizations.

I continue to work directly with rape victims and will always be an outspoken advocate on this crime - my effort to increase awareness of this crime will never end.

Thank you to everyone for your assistance and support. I will continue to make connections wherever possible that help rape victims get the support they need and I will continue to lend my voice to this important cause.



Laura Neuman educates and empowers victims of rape and sexual assault:

  • encouraging victims of rape to speak out about the crimes committed against them
  • helping rape and sexual assault victims get their cases solved, especially older cases where the technology was not available to find the perpetrator when the original crime took place

The effort provides access to resources for victims, community groups and the criminal justice system so that perpetrators can be identified, located and convicted.


Laura Neuman:


  • educates and empowers women, regardless of ethnic background or socio-economic status, to become effective individual advocates within the criminal justice system
  • advocates for the rights of victims, including full access to and support from the criminal justice system